Aerial Spirits of Solomon

The Aerial Spirits of Solomon are jinn associated with the four elements who were commanded by the legendary King Solomon. The aerial spirits are both good and evil. They can show anything in the world that is hidden and can fetch, carry, and do anything contained in the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire. They can discover the secrets of anyone, including kings.

The aerial spirits are governed by 31 princes who are aligned to points on a compass. They can be summoned by directing one’s self to their compass position. The princes have dukes and myriad ministering spirits or demons under their command. The princes cannot be summoned by magic unless the magician wears their special seals as a lamen, or pendant, upon the chest. The conjurations of the aerial spirits are given in a grimoire, the Lemegeton, also known as The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Here is the list of the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon:

The Four Emperors:

1. Carnesiell

2. Caspiel

3. Amenadiel

4. Demoriel

Spirits of the East to South:

5. Pamersiel

6. Padiel

7. Camuel

8. Aseliel

Spirits of the South to West:

9. Barmiel

10. Gediel

11. Asyriel

12. Maseriel

Spirits of the West to North:

13. Malgaras

14. Dorochiel

15. Usiel

16. Cabariel

Spirits of the North to East:

17. Raysiel

18. Symiel

19. Armadiel

20. Baruchas

Wandering Dukes:

In this place we give you the understanding of 11 mighty and potent princes with their servants which wander up and down in the Air and never stay in one place.

21. Garadiel

22. Buriel

23. Hydriel

24. Pirichiel

25. Emoniel

26. Icosiel

27. Soleviel

28. Menadiel

29. Macariel

30. Uriel

31. Bidiel

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