Vi01a1ur3y Vi01a1ur3y 7 August 2020


i have not researched much into demonology, just wanted to say that before the rest. I honestly have no clue where i should be asking this, so thats why im here asking you. Basically i believe some demons, or whatever they are, are somehow interrupting my nightmares. For some backround, I have had nightmares almost every night since i was a child. Now actually, im not afraid in them, its just me waiting for it to end, or oddly me killing the things in my dreams. I can remember 3 exact nightmares in which everything is normal, im getting kidnapped or something, until that dream ends ubruptly, and somehow i end up in a different reality almost. Sometimes its a random door into a well lit living room, or i "wake" up in a different bedroom, or…

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