Four mysterious but powerful beings called the 'Four Heads' or. 'Four Helpers' sometimes appear on old Arabic talismans, particularly on the four sides of square seals. They are identified as: Mazar, lord of the East; Kamtam, lord of the West; Qasurah, lord of the South; and Taykal, lord of the sea.

These beings played a very important role in talismans, Canaan said, nothing that the 'Four Heads' were called upon to take revenge upon an enemy. On occasion, when the task might not require the 'power of four', one of the four names might be found alone, written along with unintelligible words or with the name of the person for whom the talisman was written. Each of the four heads had a special servant from among the seven jinn kings. Al-Ahmar served Mazar, Mudhib served Kamtam, Shamhurish (or his successor) served Qasurah, and Murrah was servant of Taykai.

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