In Jewish mythology, Mazikeen (Shedeem, Shehireem) are invisible tiny demons that correspond to the Arabian Jinns. They can create minor annoyances or greater dangers.


The Talmud says that the Shedeem were the offspring of Adam. After he had eaten of the Tree of life, Adam was excommunicated for one hundred and thirty years. "In all those years," saith Rabbi Jeremiah Ben E'liezar, "during which Adam was under excommunication, he begat spirits, demons, and spectres of the night, as it is written, 'Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begat children in his likeness and in his image,' which teaches, that till that time he bad not begotten them in his own likeness." In Berasbith Rabba, R. Simon says, "During all the one hundred and thirty years that Adam was separate from Eve, male spirits lay with her, and she bare by them, and female spirits lay with Adam, and bare by him."


Mazikeen are little winged, elf-like beings that prefer to remain invisible most of the time.


Shedeem or Mazikeen are held to resemble the angels in three things. They can see and not be seen; they have wings and can fly; they know the future. In three respects they resemble mankind: they eat and drink; they marry and have children; they are subject to death. it may be added, they have the power of assuming any form they please.


Legend says that a wicked man once heard a thundering knock at his door, but when he opened his door, he saw nothing but an ass grazing under a tree. Terrified, he mounted the ass and rode it away as fast as he could. As the man rode, the ass grew taller and taller until it was as tall as the highest tower in the town. And that was where the ass left the man, perched like a weathercock on the steeple. Obviously, said the townspeople as the ass galloped away, the beast was a Mazikeen.asdasdsa