The Order of the Fly was a classification of demons made by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy in the Dictionnaire Infernal, which was modelled after a modern European court.


Princes and dignitaries

  • Belzebub, supreme chief of the empire of hell, founder of the order of the Fly.
  • Satan, prince dethroned and chief of the opposition party.
  • Eurynome, prince of death, Grand Cross of the order of the Fly.
  • Moloch, prince of the country of tears, Grand Cross of the order.
  • Pluton, Prince of Fire, also Grand Cross of the order and governor of the regions in flames.
  • Pan, prince of incubi.
  • Lilith, princess of succubi.
  • Leonard, the great lord of the Sabbath, Knight of the Fly.
  • Balbertih, great pontiff, lord of alliances.
  • Proserpina, archdiablesse, princess of evil spirits.

Ministers of the Office

  • Adrammelech, Grand Chancellor and Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly.
  • Ashtaroth, general treasurer, Knight of the Fly.
  • Nergal, chief of the secret police.
  • Baal, commander in chief of the armies of Hell, Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly.
  • Leviathan, Grand Admiral, Knight of the Fly.



  • Lucifer, chief of (in)justice, Knight of the Fly.
  • Alastor, executor of his sentences.

House of the princes

Secret expenses

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