Possession is when an objects is attached by spirits. Any object can become possessed by a spirit, which may cause disturbances in an environment. The term possessed possessions was coined by Ed Okonowicz, a Delaware paranormal researcher.

Objects can become possessed through a curse , magical spell, or use in magical rituals. Some objects seem to take on personalities of previous owners. In lore, objects can be used to imprison entities, such as King Solomon did when he imprisoned the jinn in vessels and rings. Possessed objects can remain dormant and then become activated if brought into the right environment by the right person. Problems include poltergeist disturbances; apparitions and dark, shadowy figures; demonic infestation; nightmares; illness; and so on. Remedies include spiritual cleansing of the object and premises, Exorcism, or removal or destruction of the object. Usually the paranormal problems stop after remedial measures are taken.

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