Sargatanas from Le veritable dragon rouge, 1822

Sargatanas is a brigadier major and the general of the infernal Spirits; with no legions of his own, he does have command over the demons Faraii (Forau), Loray, and Valefar (Valafar). He is under the command of Ashtaroth. This demon is summoned for his brainwashing abilities, mind reading, and memory erasing and stealing, but he can also give the gift of invisibility and the skill of lovemaking. He can also open locks and transport people to distant places..


Sargatanas is ranked as a brigadier in the army of Jinnestan by the 'Le dragon rouge' grimoire.


His portrait resembles a moth or other flying insect.

A. E. Waite linked the image of Sargatanas shown above with Ophiel, the Olympic spirit of Wednesday and the planet Mercury.