Kitab al-Bulhan -- jinns


Tabi'ah is a very dangerous jinn, she attacks both men and women, renders them sterile, causes their children to die in infancy, makes them wasteful or addicted to some vice, or kills their animals. Unlike 'Aisha Qandisha and the Ghola, the Tabi'ah is not seen by anybody. She is a secret cause of evil, and thus far more dangerous than the other two. Westermarck was told the Tabi'ah can be killed by a charm written by a fqi (Islamic theologian), but that if the charm is not sufficiently powerful the Tabi'ah's children will avenge her death by killing the fqi. The Tabi'ah is sometimes called Umm s-Subyan (Mother of the Youngsters), especially in her capacity to cause the death of infants. Another name for the Tabi'ah is Qarina, which as we have seen was also known in the Arab East and was, in fact, the notorious Lilith demon.

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